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Pribacy Policy

In protecting personal information obtained through its business activities, 5inc. (hereinafter “Company”) hereby duly acknowledges its social responsibility, protects rights and interests of owners of personal information, and comply with laws and regulations regarding such personal information.

■Privacy Policy
By setting its privacy policy as below and establishing the system for protecting personal information, Company makes all of its employees aware of importance of protecting personal information and enforce such system, and promotes the protection of personal information. 。

■Control of Personal Information
Company strictly controls personal information by implementing all necessary measures including maintaining security system, consolidating control structure, and training employees, in order to maintain correct and the most updated personal information of our customers and protect from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alternation, leak, and so force of the personal information.

■Purpose of Acquiring Personal Information
You may need to provide your personal information including name, email address, telephone number, etc. when submitting the inquiries on our website, and Company will use such personal information solely for the purpose stated at the time of providing personal information.
Company will use the personal information when sending email and/or documents for communicating from Company, providing information of our business, and responding to the inquiries.

■Prohibition of Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties
Company properly controls the provided personal information and will not disclose such personal information to any third parties, except if;
- the customer gives consent to such disclosure;
- Company disclose to its vendor for providing the service requested by the customer; or
- it is necessary under the laws to disclose.

■Security Measures of Personal Information
Company has undertaken all possible security measures for ensuring the correctness and safety of personal information.

In a case that the customer requests disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of his/her own personal information, Company will accommodate, after examination of the identity of the requesting person, such requests.

■Compliance and Revision to Policy
Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the personal information in its custody including Japanese laws, and occasionally revise this policy for improvement.

Please contact us below for any inquiries regarding Company’s control of personal information.

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Last update: September 1, 2019

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